Summer Update (7/27/20)

Hello all,

Now that the district has chosen a plan I am working with Mrs. Costello and the WHS admin team to figure out what that plan (blended remote learning) looks like for the marching band.

I don’t have any immediate answers, but I WILL relay any information to you as soon as I can get it; the band staff and I have created more than a few contingency plans so it’s just figuring out which one to roll with (if we have to change course!).

I know this has been a tumultuous summer; for now, keep all of the next two weeks on your schedules. I will be in touch ASAP.

THANK YOU for your patience AND understanding. You all have been rockstars and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me;

Mr. Smith

Zachary Smith

Director of Bands

May 2020


2020 Show Announcement

Presenting "Duality"

The Waterloo Marching Bulldogs are excited to present their 2020 Show "Duality".


"Duality" will feature the music of;
- Alexander Borodin's Symphony #2
- Daniel Elder's "The Hearts Reflection"
- Johann Sebastian Bach's "Mirror Fugue"
- Original music by Zachary Geller

Duality will chronicle the many different ways that we encounter and deal with reflections in our daily lives. We are beyond excited to get things rolling and can't wait for band camp to get started!

Be sure to catch a football game or marching competition next fall to see what "Duality" is all about!


Upcoming events


We have been using eScrip for several years to help generate funds for the band.  However, I believe we have not tapped into the enormous amount of merchants that accept the eScrip card.  For those of you not familiar with eScrip, it is a program in which merchants contribute a percentage of the cost of your items to your organiztion. Cards are available at Schnucks.  Follow the link to the eScrip homepage for further information about the benefits of eScrip.


A few merchants that accept eScrip include Schnucks, Macy's, Eddie Bauer, Office Depot, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  There are also a ton of stores in the online mall.
505 E Bulldog, Waterloo, IL 62298

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