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Happy Summer!

Combined WJHS/WHS Jazz Band at Jazz Nite 2024

We have been using eScrip for several years to help generate funds for the band.  However, I believe we have not tapped into the enormous amount of merchants that accept the eScrip card.  For those of you not familiar with eScrip, it is a program in which merchants contribute a percentage of the cost of your items to your organiztion. Cards are available at Schnucks.  Follow the link to the eScrip homepage for further information about the benefits of eScrip.


A few merchants that accept eScrip include Schnucks, Macy's, Eddie Bauer, Office Depot, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  There are also a ton of stores in the online mall.


Thank you to our amazing students and staff for a fantastic band camp!!!

Upcoming events

6/12 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

6/13 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

6/17 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

6/19 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

6/20 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

7/15 - Mini Camp 2-5p 6-9p

7/16 - Mini Camp 2-5p 6-9p

7/17 - Mini Camp 2-5p 6-9p

7/18 - Mini Camp 2-5p 6-9p

7/30 - Band Rehearsal 6-9pm

8/5 - Band Camp!! 8-12p 1-3:30p, 5-7:30p

8/6 - Band Camp!! 8-12p 1-3:30p, 5-7:30p

8/7 - Band Camp!! 8-12p 1-3:30p, 5-7:30p

8/8 - Band Camp!! 8-12p 1-3:30p, 5-7:30p

8/9 - Band Camp!! 8-12p 1-3:30p, 5-7:30p


WHS Marching Bulldogs at BOA St. Louis


The WHS Marching Bulldogs brought home a 62.7 and had an amazing run at the BOA St. Louis Super Regional. We are so proud of our band students!!!


Waterloo High School Band Program

Zachary Smith, Director of Bands
505 E Bulldog, Waterloo, IL (618) 939 3455
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