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Concert Band

The Waterloo High School Concert Band is a curricular ensemble that performs in the academic and Waterloo Communities.

The band is comprised of musicians grades 9-12 and participates in many regional organizational festivals and performances.

ANY student at Waterloo High School is eligible to be a member of the Waterloo Concert Band. If you are interested in joining the band PLEASE contact Mr. Smith ASAP at


Friday, September 1 - All District audition tracks posted online (district and division pages)

Wednesday, September 13 - Audition excerpt information released by 12:00pm (Junior and Senior, All Audition Areas)

Wednesday, September 20 - Audition nomination deadline - all student audition nominations must be entered on by 11:59:59pm

Wednesday, September 20 - Audition window open for audition video link submissions on

Wednesday, October 4 - Audition window closes for audition submissions at 11:59:59pm

Monday, October 16 - Composition Contest Entry Deadline

Monday, October 16 - FMES Nomination Deadline

Tuesday, November 15 - Elementary All-State Chorus Nomination Statewide Deadline

Saturday, November 4 - Junior/Senior Jazz Festival (Belleville Twp High School East, Belleville)

Saturday, November 18- Elementary, Junior and Senior Concert Festival (Belleville Twp High School West, Belleville)

Wednesday, January 24 - Saturday, January 27 - Illinois Music Education Conference (Peoria, Illinois)


Tone Quality:  10 Points

Intonation:  10 Points

Technical Facility:  10 Points

Rhythmic Accuracy:  10 Points

General Musicianship:  10 Points

Scale Studies:  10 Points

Sight Reading:  10 Points


Snare Drum:  15 Points

Tympani:  15 Points

Mallets:  15 Points

Auxiliary Percussion:  10 Points

Sight Reading:  15 Points

Total Possible:  70

All auditionees should prepare the two etudes PLUS the scales sheet for their instrument located: HERE

Waterloo High School Band Program

Zachary Smith, Director of Bands
505 E Bulldog, Waterloo, IL (618) 939 3455
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