Concert Band

The Waterloo High School Concert Band is a curricular ensemble that performs in the academic and Waterloo Communities.

The band is comprised of musicians grades 9-12 and participates in many regional organizational festivals and performances.

ANY student at Waterloo High School is eligible to be a member of the Waterloo Concert Band. If you are interested in joining the band PLEASE contact Mr. Smith ASAP at

ILMEA Audition Information: If you are auditioning for ILMEA please make note of the below timeline.



September 8 - October 15 - Directors (Mr. Smith) can nominate students for the audition process

September 24th - Specific portions of etudes (you don't have to play it all) will be released. There will be no sight reading this year

October 1 - October 15 - Directors are allowed to add in student audition video links. ALL nominations must be in by October 15.

November 1 - Ensemble results are announced.


MATERIALS: There will be no sight reading this fall, the auditions will not be blind, and percussionists will only need to play Snare and Mallet excerpts only. If you only have access to a drum pad and a bell kit, that STILL WORKS!!


AUDITION VIDEOS: Student videos will be submitted via unlisted youtube links. All components should be in ONE video (if you need me to help you edit, let me know). Should include Scales, Etudes, etc. NO EDITING of videos and playing is allowed. There should be NO TEXT, AUDIO, OR VIDEO EFFECTS ADDED! DISTRICT FESTIVALS: There will be NO in-person festival this year. Instead, there will be amazing half-day master classes and sessions for those students who make District Ensembles!


November 21, 2020 - Senior Level District Festival ONLINE Masterclass (9:00am-12:00pm)


ALL-STATE ENSEMBLES Students will be selected for Illinois All-State ensembles based on their District audition videos. There has not been a decision made about January's state conference. More info is coming!

Click the link above!


 - Scales & Etudes
Clarinet (pdf pg 1-3)
- Scales & Etudes
Bass Clarinet (pdf pg 4-7)
- Scales & Etudes
All Saxophones
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes
- Scales & Etudes


Tone Quality:  10 Points

Intonation:  10 Points

Technical Facility:  10 Points

Rhythmic Accuracy:  10 Points

General Musicianship:  10 Points

Scale Studies:  10 Points

Sight Reading:  10 Points


Snare Drum:  15 Points

Tympani:  15 Points

Mallets:  15 Points

Auxiliary Percussion:  10 Points

Sight Reading:  15 Points

Total Possible:  70

Waterloo High School Band Program

Zachary Smith, Director of Bands
505 E Bulldog, Waterloo, IL (618) 939 3455