Jazz Band is an early bird class that meets from 6:50 - 7:40 three days a week.  Membership in this ensemble is by audition only.  In the past the Jazz Band won grand champion in the Metro East Jazz Festival and opened for trumpet player Pat Harbison.  The band also was Grand Champion at the World Cup in Branson, Missouri.

2021-22 Roster

Alto 1 - Lillian Prather

Alto 2 - Veronica Heinen

Tenor 1 - Josie Giffhorn

Tenor 2 - Elijah Hansel

Bari Sax - Jackson Breithaupt

Bone 1 - Emma Wittenauer

Bone 2 - Joshua Gerfen

Bone 3 - Cameron Elder

Bone 4 - Jacob Griest

Bass Bone - Ben Breithaupt

Trumpet 1 - Bryce Marquardt

Trumpet 2 - Morgan Stratton

Trumpet 3 - Adam Griest

Trumpet 4 - Garrett Mueller, Justin Witt




Keys - Molly Grohmann

Bass Guitar - V Baker

Drumset - Christian Hodges, Brady Karsten

For WHS Jazz

- Great Love

(Click for Parts & Recording)

- F Blues Improvisation

(Click for Parts & Playalong)

- Drumset Styles

(Click for parts, drumset auditionees only)

Please prepare lines 1 and 2, repeat each style 4 times

For ILMEA Jazz

- Great Love

(Choose Part 1 for your instrument Click for Parts & Recording)

- F Blues Improvisation

(Choose Part 1 for your instrument Click for Parts & Recording)

- The S is Silent

(Choose Part 1 for your instrument Click for Parts & Recording)

- Flight of the Foo Birds

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ILMEA Jazz Audition Timeline

Friday, October 8 - Deadline for online audition submissions (all districts)

Monday, November 1 - Composition Contest Entry Deadline

Monday, November 1 - FMES Nomination Deadline

Saturday, November 6 - Junior/Senior Jazz Festival (Belleville Twp High School East, Belleville)

Saturday, November 20 - Elementary Festival and Junior/Senior Concert Festival (Belleville Twp High School West, Belleville)

Wednesday, January 26 - Saturday, January 29, 2022 - Illinois Music Education Conference (Peoria, Illinois)

I STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend any student interested in ILMEA Jazz to take the shot and go for it! If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Mr. Smith ASAP!

Junior/Senior Auditions - $8.00 per audition

2019-20 Jazz Band - Waterloo Tree Ligthing

Waterloo High School Band Program

Zachary Smith, Director of Bands
505 E Bulldog, Waterloo, IL (618) 939 3455