11/15 (TBD) - Orange & Black Basketball Scrimmage 

12/10 (T) - Boys Basketball vs Freeburg

12/12 (Th) - Girls Basketball vs Highland

12/13 (F) - Boys Basketball vs Triad 

1/6 (M) - Girls Basketball vs Columbia

1/7 (T) - Girls Basketball vs Freeburg

1/10 (F) - Boys Basketball vs Highland

1/16 (Th) - Girls Basketball vs Madison

1/23 (Th) - Girls Basketball vs Jerseyville 

2/11 (T) - Boys Basketball vs Columbia

2/21 (F) - Boys Basketball vs Mascoutah

2/25 (T) - Boys Basketball vs Jerseyville 


Call Time: 6:15pm All games BEGIN at 7:30p or so (I will let you know if that changes!) Dress: BAND POLO! 

ALL GAMES IN BOLD ARE REQUIRED - All students are required to attend 2 additional games (9 total, 10 if you include the scrimmage). Students are welcomed and encouraged to come to all games if they like (no penalty for coming to more than required) 


Last Band Website Update - 12/16/20